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What are the different types of trains on wedding dresses?

Posted on Nov 10, 2019

What are the different types of trains on wedding dresses?

There are many types of wedding dress train online, from super short to extra-long. Some types may be more useful than others, depending on your vision for your broad day.

What are different types of trains on wedding dresses?

Train Sweep

The sweeping train is one of the shortest wedding dress trains, making it an outdoor or casual wedding option. It is just about six centimeters long for a breezy, magnificent look. If you want things straightforward without the hustle and bustle, the sweeping train can be right for you.


The court train is actually the same length as the train. What’s the distinction? This style extends from the tail rather than the robe’s hem, rendering the silhouette of the gown more formal than the train.

train for wedding gowns

The train looks lovely with trumpet and jellyfish wedding gowns (as seen by T905 design from Moonlight Tango), as well as sheath/columnand A-line. It’s a comfortable length that gives the sweeping train a more sophisticated effect.


The unusual take-up of the traditional wedding dress train is the detachable Watteau train, which can be considered a mix of veil, and train. It hangs on the shoulder or top of the bodice to establish a whimsical look without any real train commitment. It can measure almost any length, from chapel to cathedral, according to the imagination of the bride.

Since it is detachable, this type of train is suitable for destination and outside weddings and gives a formal flavour to casual wedding gowns. The bride will wear her train for the ceremony and then take it away to dance at the reception at night.


The Chapel Train measuring about three feet from the tail is the ideal combination of beauty and practicality. No wonder this is the most common style of train for wedding gowns!


Somewhere between a chapel and a cathedral, train a semi-cathedral train tests. It measures about five feet from the hip, which makes it a perfect deal for the bride who does not want to put on a cathedral.

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