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Morning of the bride – what to wear?

Posted on Nov 8, 2020

Morning of the bride – what to wear?

A morning coat black or grey with colored lapels single-breasted, angled edges sloping downwards into tails.

Gray or grey, black-striped pants.

A bolero, shrug or pashmina will cover the shoulders, but a tailored jacket or coat would be ideal for races or intelligent marriages is the dress for bride morning.

Blue, Duck-egg, green, Buff, are usually single or double-breasted. Double-breasted waistcoats may have a lapel, a shawl or a top, and will be fully touched. Single-breasting waistcoats have either a necklace or no necklace and the bottom button is still incomplete. Fancy waistcoats, like those used by Eton Society members, are often worn, particularly during weddings. Stop everything without context.

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Ties are stronger ones. An intelligent woven silk tie is appropriate. A tie pin adds an additional dandy mix.

Smart black lace-up / slip-on highly polished shoes.

A grey or black top hat is worn on race morning wear, but it is held instead of worn and can be dispensed with at most other events.

A handkerchief with an understated buttonhole can be worn in the left breast pocket.

Smart daywear, such as a jacket dress or skirt.

Dresses of morning of the bride should not be too short or too disclosureful. They can be worn without a jacket in summer, but if so, they should be modest with sleeves.

Avoid very high heels or evening shoes – wedges are vulnerable if underfoot soft. Tights should be worn. Tights should be worn.

Hats are popular, but not always necessary, particularly at weddings. They are important for certain seasonal settings, such as the Royal Ascot Enclosure. It is safer to select a hat that can be held comfortably fitted during the day.

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