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Vanessa is an experienced and award-winning project manager and business/ management consultant who simply gets a kick from helping organizations and individuals fix the planning details and implementation of their projects, whether fun-type event projects or the serious types (such as IT and organizational projects, etc). She has helped some friends and family members plan their weddings and bring their nuptial dreams to life. She is a budget master and has used that skill to help some of her people craft wedding budgets and plans, where they had small amount of money they didn’t think was possible to work with. She believes that size (of budget) doesn’t really matter and you can have a memorable wedding as long as you keep things, your tates and expectations within the size of your budget. Vanessa believes that every wedding is a project and would turn out successful and glamorous if planned like a simple project (without necessarily going into deep project management methodologies). This blog is her way to share her love and knowledge planning weddings like projects with every about-to-wed person or those helping others to plan a wedding.

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