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Wedding makeup ideas for dark hair brides

Posted on Oct 10, 2020

Wedding makeup ideas for dark hair brides

In order to achieve the ideal radiance that every bride desires, you need great make-up. The pattern now into autumn is much more drastic than in summer or in bolder lip color. The effects are an elegant beauty that makes you look great. Find out how you can take these fresh wedding makeup ideas for dark hair brides.

Everybody look at the face of the bride, so make-up is very necessary. The trick is to pick the colors, the style and the overall taste of your wedding dress and venue. The general style for fall is a timeless and sophisticated make-up instead of a beach or a bohemian one.

Right now, a really chic look for brides is red lipstick. It’s a very ladylike, timeless color and also a little audacious. Nothing exudes more confidence than a big red lipstick! Start with the right red shade for your skin tone. People with warm undertones usually look better with orange-red paint, while women with cool undertones should go for blue-red.

Go to your local department store for your brunettes wedding make up counter and work with a beauty expert to find the perfect shade of red. A neutral lip liner is the trick to gain stabilizing strength with a bright lip color in your lips (not just around the edges). Then add the lipstick, blot, polish, lipstick again, and smoothly blot out. The outcome would be sultry red lips with several kisses.

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Purple is a giant color for autumn weddings, and for bridal make-up. A stunning look is to make a smoky eye with purple shades instead of black. Pen shades look fantastic with almost every color of the skin. Rich purple hues can turn hazel eyes green, set off baby blues, or boost brown eyes. Hold the plumbing tones over the eyes to prevent the appearance of pure circles under the eyes by mistake.

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